2021 Admissions Guide for Waterloo Engineering Applicants

At the beginning of the Fall 2020 term, the Industry 4.0 Design Team had many new students join the team during their 1A term. As grade 12 students begin to apply to university this winter, we wanted to gain some insight from our new marketing team members to help high school students who are applying to Waterloo Engineering this year.

We conducted a short interview with multiple members of our team and had them share their tips from their application experience last year. We interviewed six different members of the marketing team to account for each member’s unique insights and perspective regarding the process.

  1. What clubs/extracurriculars were you a part of in high school?
  • Chloe: In high school, I was the Vice President of Social Affairs for my high school’s Eco Team and an Executive for my high school’s Entrepreneurship club! I also danced up until grade 10 and volunteered for a couple of charities!

2. The most difficult part about applying?

  • Chloe: For me, it was the overwhelming amount of logins and new information during the application season. There were so many deadlines for early admission deadlines, portal codes, and 40 other things to keep track of!

3. AIF tips/advice?

  • Chloe: Instead of trying to answer the questions based on what you thought the University wanted to hear, answer the questions honestly. Also, do the AIF early so you have time to edit it and focus on high school work!

4. How did you find the interview for engineering?

  • Chloe: The interview was super great! I was really nervous before, however, they ask casual questions that are pretty straightforward.

5. What did you wish you knew before applying to engineering?

  • Chloe: I think I should have researched a little more about the program and what engineering is at first. I still don’t know what it is :)

6. When did you start applying/when did you hear back?

  • Chloe: I started applying in November and I heard back around the end of March.

7. Do you think having access to upper years to ask them questions would have been helpful?

  • Chloe: Yes! I talked to a prior graduate in Management engineering and it gave me a better view of what the program entails! Without her, I wouldn’t be here!

We hope that these answers provide valuable insights to help with the application process. Furthermore, if you are a high school student wanting to speak to upper-year students regarding student life at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Engineering, and/or the Industry 4.0 Engineering Design Team, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! All meetings will be held over Zoom.

Virtual Coffee Chat Sign-Up Form: https://bit.ly/38IRdh7

A design team at the University of Waterloo focusing on Management Engineering concepts - process and flow analysis, and turning data into information.

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