Gain insight into Waterloo’s Management Engineering program and Students! We will be starting a new series to introduce the founding members of our Industry4.0 design team!

Sidhant Vashist — Tech Lead

My name is Sidhant (Sid) Vashist. I am currently in 2B Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I am the Software Lead for Industry 4.0. I am currently developing the platform that the competition will take place on. I went to Central Peel Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario. In my personal time, I like to play sports such as Soccer, Badminton, and Tennis (Lawn and Table). We at Industry 4.0 have big plans for our pilot competition targeted towards high school students and we hope you’d be interested in getting involved!

Hashim Vekar — Research Lead

Hi, I’m Hashim and I am the Research Lead for Industry 4.0. I work with professors to see how we can incorporate Management Sciences concepts into competitions. I am currently in my second year of Management Engineering. Management Engineering has opened up many doors for me due its to multidisciplinary teachings. The program has allowed me to work in the apparel industry and the energy sector through my coop jobs. Through these, I learned about supply chain management and data analytics. In my free time, I enjoy playing ping pong (Rally for serve, anyone?). I am looking forward to meeting new people on the team!

Matt Cianci — Business Lead

Hi, my name is Matthew Cianci. I am finishing up my 2B term of Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo and I am a business team lead with Industry 4.0. Management Engineering was my first choice and I am glad that I have had this opportunity. This program provides me with such a diverse background and multidisciplinary skills that it allows me to expand my horizon and be successful in any position that I find myself in. I am involved in Industry 4.0 because I want to open future student’s eyes and show them that Management Engineering isn’t some type of “fake engineering”, it is extremely practical and provides my classmates and I with skills to do what any other “real” engineering student can do and much more. Watch out for Industry 4.0 and watch out for these upcoming Management Engineering kids because they are about to take over every industry.

Stay tuned to be introduced to more members of the Industry4.0 design team!

A design team at the University of Waterloo focusing on Management Engineering concepts - process and flow analysis, and turning data into information.

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