Introducing the two third-year students who run the Industry4.0 Design team.

Jordan Geist

Hi, my name is Jordan, one of the co-leads for the Industry 4.0 design team. I chose Management Engineering because of the range of topics that we learn. We cover topics like business, process engineering, software development, and data analytics. The breadth of knowledge makes the degree applicable to many jobs in many industries. For my first co-op, I worked at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority as a project manager. I worked with multidisciplinary groups to implement new cloud-based software systems to address business needs, in addition to learning about how the internet is governed. My second co-op was at CIBC working as an information security coordinator. I onboard the agile project management methodology for the team and did research into security vulnerabilities in IoT devices. My co-op terms have contributed to an interest in the impact of new developing technology and data analytics on society. It is my hope that this design team gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with these technologies in addition to spreading awareness about the Management Engineering program at Waterloo.

Chloe Dickison

Hi, I’m Chloe, one of the Co-Leads of the team. I’m currently in 2B in Management Engineering at the University of Waterloo and went to Oakville Trafalgar High School. I chose Management Engineering due to the wide variety of jobs that the program opens to you, and the ability to problem solve in different environments. My first co-op was at Canada Post as a Process Engineering student where I helped on a transportation restructuring and improving mail sorting processes. My second co-op was at a tech company called Flipp where I was a Content Improvement Analyst, I worked on analyzing key performance indicators from the app to make sure our performance was meeting targets and worked on improving an outsourced content check. In the Fall I’ll be heading to Loblaws as a Replenishment Optimization student where I will get a chance to learn about Machine Learning and how to better leverage data to make stock replenishment predictions. I started this team because Management Engineering is the perfect program for me, but I barely knew about it in High-School and was lucky to have found it. Hopefully, this competition can bring awareness to our program and help high-school students make the right decision about their future, and if it’s Management Engineering they’ll have an idea of what to expect.

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